Friday, November 12, 2010

Top ten list of nutty things my son has said to me in the past two weeks

10. This dinner tastes like choke. (His word for throw up. Yes, it was a home cooked meal.)

9. When I grow up I want to be Alvin and the chipmunks, the sqeakwell.

8. Does "challenge" mean the same thing as "not wearing a skirt"? That's what Abby told me.

7. Did you know there is a contest coming up between ducks and beavers and it's going to be on TV?

6. Your back is bouncy.

5. You are not the boss of this entire family. Daddy is sometimes also the boss.

4. Squirrels are the cleverest.

3. How did Clifford get so big?

2. If you sing while a carrot is growing it will grow faster.

1. Does the water from the toilet upstairs drip down to couple up with the water in the toilet downstairs?


Navah said...

Your kids always say something about your back and you are one of the skinniest people I know! Great post, good laughs as always.

Jonathan said...

Another great post! So tell me, how did Clifford get so big? And, who's Clifford?

Grey280 said...

Clifford the Big Red Dog. Books or TV show? And what was your answer to that?